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Slasher movies are one of the most entertaining types of horrors, where the group of, usually clueless and fearful, people are trying to escape from psychopathic monster. Well, it was just a matter of time before the movie finds its way into the market of video games. After several titles that have been already released, it is time for Last Year: The Nightmare to dominate the markets. If you wish to test out a horror game where you take the role of a creature from the worst nightmares, then here’s your chance! Take the role of a psychopath or one of several survivors, fight for survival or kill them all thanks to Last Year The Nightmare PC!

Game Overview

DEVELOPER: Elastic Games

PUBLISHER: Elastic Games

GAME MODE: Single / Multiplayer

GENRE: Action / FPP / Survival Horror / Horror / Multiplayer / Crowdfunding / Cooperation

What do we do?

The purpose of Game Full Version is, as you can guess, to provide you with necessary installers that will help you get full version of the game. Except for that, we also focus on delivering you information regarding our installers. As a result, you can hope to get a marvellous application. It is marvellous in many different aspects. Thanks to the efforts of our page, you are going to receive a product that is free from viruses, spyware, malware, and other malicious software. If that’s not enough, we also put great emphasis on making sure that the tools we offer are of the highest quality. It means that you can expect from Last Year The Nightmare For PC links to give you automation, clear and user-friendly installation process, and let’s not forget about all the files necessary for the game to be launched.

Last Year The Nightmare PC Download

What this game is all about?

Last Year The Nightmare Download links are the most wanted mirrors in the world, at least for the moment. Why? Because they give you access to fully unlocked, complete version of Last Year: The Nightmare. This particular production was created by the people responsible for the following series: Far Cry, Hitman, and Tomb Raider. As you can guess, the title takes a lot from movie slashers, and the whole gameplay is focused on the elements we all know from the movies. Elastic Games, rather new studio that doesn’t have much products on their account. It doesn’t change the fact; however, that their experience from working on productions previously mentioned was very helpful. Thanks to that the game is very interesting. Use Last Year The Nightmare Download to see it for yourself!

Gameplay and mechanics in Last Year The Nightmare PC Download

In the game each player will receive a specific role. Although the division is only on two types of players, the victims and the killer, each character is unique. It means that we can hope for special abilities and other elements that will certainly appeal to the taste of some of you. That’s the reason why you should be looking for students (the victims), with different abilities, so you can help the whole group in surviving the nightmare you all found yourself in.

How to Download and Install:

  • 1) Download the game Installer by clicking the download button.
  • 2) Unpack the RAR archive using WinRar or 7-Zip.
  • 3) Run the program and follow the installation instructions.
  • 4) The game load automatically.
  • 5) After the installation is complete, run the game and select the language.

Last Year The Nightmare Gameplay and Maps

The image for the game

Last Year The Nightmare Installer File:


Last Year The Nightmare For PC


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System Requirements


CPU:Core i3-2115C 2.0GHz
Athlon II X3 460
OS:Win 7 64
Radeon R7 265

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