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Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions section was created because we get a lot of simple questions that need to be answered every day. Before writing to us using the contact form, please read the questions below.

How to download games from our site?

Games are downloaded from external servers with the help of installers. We invite you to the topic that was devoted to How to Download Game

What if the installer does not work properly ?

When the installer does not work, does not load the games or you are unable to complete the installation correctly, please Contact Us.

Do installers have a virus?

It is impossible for our installers to contain in themselves or in files .dll viruses. InstallShield Wizard is created by a team of experts who marry the files they need to install the game. Most often these files are in tablet version to save your time while downloading and installing the game.

The installer downloads files from an external server and removes the installation files immediately after the default game installation. The game can not contain a virus, but remember, the network has many sites that for their installers may include viruses.

Problem loading file setup1.bin, the installer does not download?

First of all, we advise you to check if the Internet connection is stable. If your Internet connection is successful, check that your Windows Firewall is not blocking the program from connecting to the Internet.

Can't run InstallShield Wizard

If the program after unpacking does not start check, please, or your antivirus has not blocked dostępnu to it-some downloads are very inaccurate detect viruses.

If you have all the files, check if you have installed net.framework version 4.0 or higher. You can download it here.

Why installation files take up less disk space ?

The installation files are mainly in the tablet version-this can save a lot of time when downloading games that take up a lot of GB of HDD.

The game does not load, black screen

Some game launch errors we can’t identify. It is important to install the latest software Microsoft Visual C ++, Microsoft .NET Framework, OpenAL, Java, XNA Framework (you can find them all in Google and download from the official sites).

After you install any of these programs, turn the computer off and on again.

The installer asks for the key

Perform a simple task by clicking on the Download Key button. After execution, we get the key to the full version of the game. We invite you to visit the page how to download.

How to unpack the archive .rar ?

Archive .rar unpack program winrar which can be download here.

Where to download winrar and net.framework

Both of these programs can be downloaded from this page Download.

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