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Dual Universe Download is a MMORPG game developed by Novaquark. Game action takes place in the future. The planet Earth is facing extermination. All humanity is threatened. Sounds interesting? The game goes beyond the standards of other games, that is why Game Full Version became interested in creating special software which is providing you with the opportunity to play in Dual Universe. Special installer is now available to everyone Dual Universe. It seems to us that you will not regret reading this article. Especially if you want to know more detailed information about the software and the game.

Game Overview

DEVELOPER: Novaquark

PUBLISHER: Novaquark

GAME MODE: Single / Multiplayer

GENRE: Simulators / FPP / Science fiction / pvp / pve / Sandbox / Space / multiplayer / MMO /

Dual Universe Download PC – Game Review:

Dual Universe is the game of the newly created studio called Novaquark. It was founded by former employees of many different companies such as Ubisoft, Sony, Apple or Aldebaran Robotics. They created a real work of art in terms of story. As a result of the star’s explosion, a new neutron star was born. Unfortunately for humanity, it is heading towards the Earth. If you want to help to save the people you can get Dual Universe Download. Join the expedition to other planets and find a new place for people to live. The game starts when we get to our destination and are woken up from cryogenic sleep.

Dual Universe Download PC

Dual Universe gameplay

At the beginning the game gives you a lot of freedom. You can create your own character. After landing on the planet you can proceed to the action. Build the buildings of your settlement, vehicles or spaceships. The game resembles an ordinary strategy game but it is not. During the development of your colony, you cannot forget that all the players can interact with each other! It is a web game. Massive MMO RPG game. Get to work, you can play the Dual Universe Download. Develop technologies and compete with other players.

In terms of game mechanics of Dual Universe

Developers introduced an extensive artificial intelligence system to the game. In addition you can influence the behaviour of your ships or the behaviour and rights of residents at any time. The great advantage of the game is the arcade aspect of PVP battles. During the battle you can be a soldier or a pilot of a space ship. If you want to fight for terrain, take this opportunity and use Dual Universe Download.  Fight with other players or if you prefer with artificial intelligence.

More information about us and our tool

Dual Universe for PC is an installer that will install the game Dual Universe to your personal computer, after that it will crack the game and by key generator unlock it. The whole process is fabulously simple. You just have to choose the game install directory and click install. After that you will gain access to fully working game. You will be able to play with other players and enjoy all of the game aspects discussed in the article above. All this without viruses and completely safe from other dangers.

How to Download and Install:

  • 1) Download the game Installer by clicking the download button.
  • 2) Unpack the RAR archive using WinRar or 7-Zip.
  • 3) Run the program and follow the installation instructions.
  • 4) The game loads automatically, then the game installation process starts.
  • 5) After the installation is complete, run the game and select the language.

Dual Universe: Developer Walkthrough

The image for the game

Dual Universe Screen 5
Dual Universe Screen 4
Dual Universe Screen 3
Dual Universe Screen 2
Dual Universe Screen 1

Dual Universe Installer File:


Full Games Dual Universe


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System Requirements


CPU:Intel i5
OS:Win 7 64
VIDEO CARD:nVidia GTX 960 (or Radeon equivalent) with at least 2GB RAM

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