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Today our dear fans we have prepared for you a real treat for anime and manga fans. As you know, the popularity of Attack on Titan, a Japanese series of anime and manga became so popular, the producers decided to create a game that is located in the exact same universe. It means that we will be able to encounter our beloved characters and feel like you were the part of this world. Now, thanks to our Attack on Titan Assault, you can get the game and enjoy the most marvellous production that will definitely appeal to the taste of many people around the world.

Game Overview

DEVELOPER: Ngames Limited


GAME MODE: Single Player / Multiplayer

GENRE: Action / TPP / fantasy / Apocalypse / Manga and Anime

Attack on Titan Assault PC Download? Now is your chance!

Attack on Titan: Assault is an arcade action game created by Ngames Limited studio and published by GameSamba. The game uses themes known from the manga and anime series Attack on Titan. If you have ever watched or heard about this production, then you will definitely like this game. If you have not watched Attack on Titan before, we highly recommend you to do so. Are you curious how the creators presented this awesome story though the game? If so, get Attack on Titan Assault Download and join the world of Titans.

Attack on Titan Assault download for pc

Let’s talk about the story of the game

The plot of the game is based on the story known from anime and manga. For this reason the world presented in the game is in most cases destroyed. Big and powerful creatures called Titans constantly attack people. Only a very small part of the humanity survived. This was achieved mainly thanks to the great wall that separates the city from the areas where the Titans are prowling. It is not known where these monsters came from. It is known, however, that they exist only to eat people. Unfortunately, the wall which for several dozen years fulfilled its task gets destroyed and the monsters invade the city.

What does the gameplay look like?

The main goal of the Attack on Titan Assault game is to fight the Titans. Because of their huge size, humanity has invented special devices that are able to fire hooks with lines attached to them. After completing the proper training, it is even possible to move in the air. That makes it much easier to get to the weak point of the Titans – located on their neck. All movements of our character are very well animated and dynamic. So if you want to play in the best arcade game, be sure to get Attack on Titan Assault For PC.

Use the tool, enjoy the game!

There are dozens of benefits that make Attack on Titan Assault Free the best on the market. Obviously, we are the first, and probably the only, website that offer a full version of the game. In addition to that, it is worth to say that we also included a lot of features like crack, serial key, updates, and other fixes, making this game ready to play without the slightest troubles!

How to Download and Install:

  • 1) Download the game Installer by clicking the download button.
  • 2) Unpack the RAR archive using WinRar or 7-Zip.
  • 3) Run the program and follow the installation instructions.
  • 4) The game load automatically.

The image for the game

Attack on Titan Assault Trailer

Attack on Titan Assault Installer File:



Attack on Titan Assault PC Download

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System Requirements


CPU:Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz
Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+
OS:Win 7 64
VIDEO CARD:GeForce GTS 450 v3
Radeon HD 6770


CPU:Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz
Phenom II X4 965
OS:Win 7 64
Radeon R9 280

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